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Elsewhere, Flanagan recently said that she would love to return to Corrie, but her family come first and she is currently too busy to make a comeback. Coronation Street star Ryan Russell has hinted at Michael Bailey's future following the on-screen revelation of his secret child.

This week's episodes have seen Michael come face-to-face with his ex-girlfriend Grace, who's the mother of his young daughter Tianna.

Michael is desperate to start playing a role in Tianna's life, but Grace is unsure whether he can be trusted and is currently making no promises. Speaking about the future of the storyline, Ryan explained: "Michael wants to better himself for the sake of Tianna and potentially his new family.

He's always had lots of energy with his business schemes, but now he needs to focus all that energy into making money to provide for his daughter. He feels a sense of responsibility straight away to take care of his child. Asked whether Michael will put up a fight to secure the access he wants, Ryan replied: "He's going to try really hard to get the access because he wants to be a dad who's there and present and providing. He's looking for purpose and for something to drive him to be successful in his life, so I think it means the world to him.

He's had his head in the clouds and been a little bit lost at times but now he's got a reason to try and prove himself. I still think he'll have that same energy about him but with more drive to achieve what he wants. He has a reason now. On whether Michael has any interest in winning his ex Grace back, Ryan said: "I think his main focus is to get to know his daughter, but maybe there's still a little flame there that will grow as he gets to see his daughter a bit more. Emma Alexandra Mardell has recently been bonding with Steve McDonald following the surprising revelation that he's her long-lost father.

Although the pair have made great progress while building their relationship, Emma considers spending Christmas far away from Steve Simon Gregson. Emma is intrigued when her mum Fiona Middleton invites her to come and join her in Australia over the festive season. Fiona has even bought flights for Emma to come over, wanting to make peace after their recent tensions.

Steve is disappointed by the news, but puts on a brave face and points out that it'll be a good opportunity for Emma to get back on better terms with Fiona. Not giving up so easily, Amy Barlow Elle Mulvaney shows Emma some Christmas stockings that Steve has thoughtfully made for them in preparation for the big day.

Touched by the gesture, Emma decides that Fiona can wait until another time and agrees to stay put in Weatherfield after all. Having discovered that cheating love rat Robert Preston Tristan Gemmill has been living a double life with his pregnant fiancee Vicky Jeffries Kerri Quinn , his other bride-to-be Michelle Connor Kym Marsh has been biding her time and is prepared to take him for everything she has got in order to have the ultimate revenge. With both Michelle and Robert set to exit Coronation Str As Ray tells Michelle that he is dropping his case against her, he follows it up with a dangerous threat — she had better watch her back.

When Robert lets slip that Vicky knows about her ordeal with losing Ruari, Michelle is disgusted and furious and this only serves to convince her further that she wants Robert to suffer. As Robert suggests to Michelle that they gather their loved ones together to talk about the upcoming wedding, Michelle paints on a false smile and agrees.

With Robert having bought her a necklace, Michelle tells Carla Alison King that if he thinks he can buy her affections, he can think again. With her revenge very much still on the agenda, she plans to take him for every penny. Recently, the stars filmed wedding scenes and this seems to be a likely venue for Robert to be exposed. But with rumours that things will get even darker and Robert will be killed in a Christmas siege, is he about to pay an even bigger price than Michelle planned?

But who is she and why does she have a vendetta? We have already seen her try and manipulate both Tyrone and his nan Evelyn Plummer Maureen Lipman as well a However, they are left regretting it when a fire takes hold in the back yard, with pyromaniac Hope watching the flames with amusement.

But when Jack Webster mentions that the fire had already started when he and Hope got to the yard, it seems like there is something else afoot. Could Jade have been involved? As Fiz despairs and comes clean to Tyrone about how bad things got with Hope, Jade offers to babysit so they can have a night out together — but what is she plotting this time?

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Hope and Tyrone have a frank discussion about Hope and make the decision to be more disciplined with her. Is she trying to formulate doubt around Fiz?

And is she determined to drive a rift in the family with suspicion? Anyone agree? Ok, so by consensus businesses has been deleted, any suggestions of what to do with the residences page now? Template:CS deletion has been nominated for deletion. You are invited to comment on the discussion at the template's entry on the Templates for discussion page. Bsherr talk , 2 February UTC. Hey all. Quick request for help - I'm working on bringing Raquel Watts up to scratch, and have run up against conflicting sources about the year Sarah Lancashire appeared as the minor character Wendy Farmer.

However, a piece in The Independent primarily an interview with Lancashire puts it in Just wondered if anyone knows definitively either way, or has any of the official Coronation Street companion guides which might contain the info. If not, I'll probably compromise at "the late s. Frickative , 6 February UTC. Hi, i just wanted to suggest that we change duration rules. The eastenders project came up with this, and i think it would be a good idea to because some characters durations are confusing and inaccurate.

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So instead of this: , , , it would be: EX: , , With and being guest appearances. Anyone fancy a bit of an improvement drive? This might be a ridiculous idea, but I thought we could make it a bit WikiCup -esque, with points for different achievements, and maybe give out a few Barnstars at the end? Obviously the main goal would be improvement of content, but with a little incentive along the way. There is currently a discussion here which I believe is important. Does this article really need need two identical photos?

I have unmerged this article because it is clearly notable with verified real-world content. Tellow talk , 13 September UTC.

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Eshlare talk , 10 June UTC. In my view this is ridiculous, especially as those searching for the old name will be redirected to the page with its new title anyway. To say a character such as the newly-married Rita Tanner is commonly known as 'Rita Sullivan' is ludicrous considering the majority of people still refer to her as 'Rita Fairclough' anyway, which was arguably her most iconic name just as 'Betty Turpin' was for Betty Williams.

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If I were to propose you change the article titles back to the names they had years ago you would think it mad, and so is retaining names that no longer appear on the current end credits. The Coronation Street Wikia has adopted a much better approach to this issue as it updates the article title to the name currently in use and provides a redirect for those who may be searching for the character under the old name. Surely this is the most effective solution? Especially as both ITV and the media now refer to the characters with the new names and the list of characters is currently crediting them under names which they no longer have in the official end credits.

Thanks for your assistance and support in this matter and I look forward to contributing to the project. Do actors such as Bill Tarmey qualify for inclusion in this project? The ending credits of the programmes' themselves are altered accordingly and yet many people seem to deem it necessary to retain the previous name, sometimes for years after the change has occurred.

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While in many cases I agree and understand why no action is taken, particularly as characters marry, divorce and change their names so swiftly nowadays, I do think a certain amount of common sense should be applied when choosing to retain the old names of characters who have taken on new aliases and are highly unlikely to change it again. Also, the popularity of the new name should be taken into account. In the case of Rita Tanner for instance if you type "Coronation Street Rita" into Google, it immediately suggests 'Tanner' over the previously used 'Sullivan'.

This is because the new name has a more iconic status in the public consciousness and has come to define her identity relatively quickly. The media must also be taken into account as tabloids make efforts to use the most recent names And before anyone states otherwise, you must understand that Wikipedia's responsibility here is vital as I know of many lazy journalists who will browse the site, see the article title and assume it's the correct name.

Finally, it is Wikipedia's duty to provide accurate, up-to-date information and in many of the lists of soap opera cast members I can see characters listed under names they have not had in the main credits for not only months but years. If I read the current cast list, I see names such as 'Kylie Turner' and 'Faye Butler', these characters are not a part of the current programme as far as the makers themselves are concerned and also in the eyes of the viewing public for who the end credits are supposed to inform, Wikipedia is therefore providing inaccurate information in this regard.

The numerous edits made by amateur members of the public to update captions to the recent name are surely a sign of what the consensus is and Wikipedia's duty has to be to reflect information accurately.