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I particularly enjoyed her eclectic taste in art, and her obvious passion for all things aesthetic.


Our sincere condolences. Mark, Ben, My condolences to you and your families. It was truly an honour to know her. When the passing of Milli was announce, my mind filled with all the wonderful memories of our friendship. Milli came to my home on a daily basis after her own tragedy were we spent many hours remembering. I recall sitting in her 1 fashion store on Main Street in Hamilton when she first opened it. They came from far and wide to purchase one of her fashions.

Such style and great taste, not much of that any longer. Due to holiday of Sukkot, Shiva will be postponed until Wednesda y, October 23rd. Shiva times are as follows: pm to pm and pm to pm except on Shabbat on the dates provided below. Belinda Jackson on October 14, at pm. Fran Sonshine on October 14, at pm. Michael Bornstein on October 14, at pm.

Dear Ben and Mark, Please know that my heart and thoughts are with you for magnificent Milli. Fondly, Michael Bornstein.

My friend Milli trying to throw a pillow but failed XD must watch!!!

Kimberley Curtis on October 15, at am. While I got some very positive comments, I also had a woman who went ballistic about what I said. She took chunks of my article, out of context and blatantly breaking copyright guidelines.


She ranted. What I do mind is people trying to steal my work and make money off of it. And finally, my biggest WOW came from an article I did that just took off. In just over a month it got 2. I am interested to see if it continues to get views over the months to come. Again, while it is not a huge amount of money … I am building an audience, have the articles posted on my websites: Sugar-Free-Zone. The biggest news so far in February, is that a writer from NBC news contacted me about my 50 pounds article and requested an interview.

It is now over a year 14 months to be exact since I started my journey on Medium. When I started I had spent more than a year bouncing from one interesting thing to another, spending way too much money and never following through. Her health did NOT become better, in fact it became much worse and at one point she was in danger of not making it.

  • I started out super excited … and then dived way down into a black hole. Was there a way out?.
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In spite of that, I kept on going. During one of the really bad months instead of writing new articles I re-published some older ones and that kept me going.

There were many days when my normal freelance work kept me far too busy to write and post on Medium. There is a big difference between work that pays a per-determined amount when completed, and spec work on Medium. The getting paid for sure work, takes priority.

I am absolutely thrilled to have broken my proclivity to the Shiny New Object Syndrome. They fact that Medium is once again changing the pay algorithm rules, makes me super conscious of this. The situation with my mother has been getting worse and I have been rethinking my plans for the future. My Mom is now 91 years, and just over two months ago fell down a flight of stairs.

She broke seven ribs in multiple places. During her first week in Trauma Care, the doctors told us it was unlikely she would make it. My life has turned upside down and I am no longer taking on consulting or freelance clients. There are actually loads of reasons NOT to focus on this particular blog, but the fact is I happen to enjoy it and I am passionate about the subject. I have spent the past month going through the pros and cons and have decided to ignore the cons. Another thing I am going to do, is track everything I am doing on the Sugar-Free-Zone, document and share the results.

If you are at all interested in growing and monetizing a blog, be sure to join me on my journey!

Thank You Milli Coffee Roasters

I will update this post in another two months to see what impact the new Medium algorithm starts Nov 1st will have. His ongoing help is invaluable! Sign in. Get started. Hot-Off-The-Press Submit. I started out super excited … and then dived way down into a black hole.


Was there a way out? Melanie Rockett Follow. Lymphoma is a cancer of a white blood cell called a lymphocyte.

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This is not one disease, but a group of cancers that arise from these cells. The nature of the cells and where the disease is located can make a difference in the outlook for the patient. Lymphoma in the intestines of dogs is not a good disease, but this does not appear to apply to her large intestines.

Dogs with disease in this area, like Milli tend to do quite well with chemotherapy treatment. I don't care what I have to do or sell. If you can find it in your heart to donate some spare change i would be forever grateful.