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Pursing or sucking in the lips means the opposite.

That One Night: The Oral History of the Greatest ‘Office’ Episode Ever

And if one side of someone's mouth goes up in a half smile, that's a smirk that usually indicates contempt or superiority--an expression Dick Cheney frequently wears, Driver notes. But it can also mean self-satisfaction or pride. Just because you have a hot spot doesn't necessarily mean you have a lie, but you do have a good reason to explore further with a few more questions. So she recommends asking something like, "I may be wrong, but it seems to me you felt proud when I asked you about that time?

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You won't know unless you ask, and you shouldn't try to be a mind reader. If someone will be in a position of trust and you really need to know whether this person is truthful, you can follow up with a particularly powerful question: "Why should I believe you?

Discover Wonders, a brain-boosting children's book series

Here's the tricky part: Whatever answer you get first, don't accept it and ask a second time. Listen carefully for the next answer. It should be short, simple, and to the point, something like, "Because I've told you the truth.

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This may take the form of getting angry and accusing you of something, such as not wanting to believe even though he or she is telling the truth, or saying he or she doesn't want to do work with you anyway. For being such a larger than life figure, Oprah Winfrey has gravitated as an actress toward playing more modest women of an ordinary stature. Winfrey is so celebrated as a media personality, she doesn't often get the credit for her versatility, strength and naturalism on screen.

That might be in part because, outside of some TV movies for Oxygen and animated voice work, she's limited her projects and only acted in a handful of notable films. Here's how they stack up from worst to best. In this forgettable adaptation of an otherwise powerful novel by Richard Wright, Winfrey plays the mother to Bigger Thomas.

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She goes from stern and strong-willed as she urges her son to find work to warm and desperate once she's pleading for her son's life. This is an early performance for Winfrey, and she'd find more presence in better projects later. Winfrey never plays herself in the movies.

And yet in Disney's "A Wrinkle in Time," she's literally larger than life, appearing as a giant in the sky dressed in chain mail and a massive blonde pillow of hair spewing Oprah-isms. But Ava DuVernay doesn't cast her to play a charismatic goddess.

Instead, she's there to do what Oprah does best. She brings hope, spirit and positivity to the film, and when she's talking to the film's main character, she has a gift of sounding as though she's talking directly to you.

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Winfrey gave her all for the adaptation of Toni Morrison's "Beloved," showing sadness and anger in equal measure on screen. Contact the center at Those looking to strengthen their mind-body connection have found a new stop in Orchard Park to aid their health and Orchard Park-based Horton Law has been named by U. Bee Group Newspapers November 6, Senior Wishes, a local nonprofit that grants life-enriching wishes to lower-income seniors in Western New York, is launching its annual Adult Ukulele Sing and Play — Learn to play the ukulele and sing alongto popular songs, Succulent Dish Garden — Design a small succulentcontainer garden and discover exciting low-maintenancesucculent plants, 6 p.

Orchard Park Middle School student raises money to help animals in shelters. Orchard Park boys soccer team falls to Lancaster in championship. Orchard Park Middle School student raises money to help animals in shelters November 6, Thea Nahrebeski of Orchard Park hosts fundraisers all year long to help make animals more comfortable in shelters while they are waiting for their forever homes.

Oprah Winfrey's Major Movie Roles Ranked, From 'The Color Purple' to 'A Wrinkle in Time' (Photos)

OP man who allegedly held woman against her will arrested November 6, An Orchard Park man — who was allegedly holding a woman against her will in a home — was arrested