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To keep his wife safe he builds an army. To give her the life she wants he fights. To win back their home he must go to war. To win the war and his wife safety he must give her up and fight a war where defeat is expected. To fight a dictator he must become a warlord. Hovering over everything is the threat of an alien invasion which Atlas slowly pieces together through unreliable stories told by the survivors. He soon learns that his fight is only a small part in a war that has been raging for hundreds of years and reaches throughout the galaxy.

Definitely a new twist on the post-apocalyptic thriller genre. From the big to small twists, this tale bucks every rule of action adventure. The bad guys are sympathetic and the good guys have a dark side. As such, it stresses discipline, organization and teamwork over heroics. All with several mysteries hanging over the survivors… and did I mention the aliens? Some of the most interesting tidbits come only in the final chapter.

Sure, the best is saved for last, but I wonder why? Tagged as apocalypse , military thriller , sci fi , veteran author. Only a Soldier can truly know a Soldier. A Soldier is always the hero of his own story. I started out as a Private in basic training in and will end up retiring as a Major in Along the way, I ran into thousands of folks some good, some not so good. All the stories contained with the confines of this book are at least partly true. The intent of this book is for pure entertainment value.

It is not intended to embarrass or humiliate anyone. This is my-story not history. This book is basically memoirs of my time in the military — stretched a bit or a lot in some cases. I took the basis of truth and added a little country boy charm. The book is fiction as my-story, in my opinion, is more interesting than history.

It contains more than forty-five different knee slapping stories about my life in the army as an enlisted soldier, an ROTC cadet, and an officer through my first deployment to Iraq in In my twenty-five years of military service, I ran into all sorts of characters from all over the world and all walks of life. I feel honored to have known most of the people I met. The intent is to entertain, educate loosely , or illuminate folks. I hope you enjoy my view of life!

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I expected just a random collection of Army jokes, but was surprised to find a lot more. This is a fairly serious study of leadership in general. About how corrosive and counterproductive poor managers are to any organization, but how a few true leaders can turn the tide. The whole tale is much more serious and complicated than, I think, even the author intended. And not in a grim way. Or, as is too often the case, those thriving in that senseless environment!

While civilians might only snicker at the humor, vets and active duty folk will slap their knee laughing! All in all, a good read and I hope part of a continuing series. Tagged as humor , military satire , veteran author. He currently teaches writing at Winthrop University in South Carolina. He has published five novels and four collections of short stories. Jackson has three hundred days left in Vietnam, and he plans to spend them behind a desk, working the radio for a major in a godforsaken firebase not far from the Laos border.

But one day, the reality of war visits Jackson in the form of Tom Light, a sniper whose scope is said to have the power to raise the dead. Where Light goes, ambushes follow, and so he has been cursed to wander the jungle alone, his skin growing pale, his boots replaced with sandals.

Tom Light is a dangerous man to know, a spooky lost soldier who survives in spite of himself. Jackson wants to learn his secret.

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Hoping the master sniper can keep him safe, Jackson ventures out with Light. In the jungle they will encounter perils—some real and some hallucinatory. I always figured Vietnam fiction was played out. What new variety can you find? Well, this is an interesting twist on the sub-genre. There are no real stereotypes, like I expected. Even the handful of drug-addicted troops are surprisingly disciplined, at least while on duty.

The friendship between the two main characters, one a hardcore, lone wolf sniper and the other a shaming radioman, is not there to set the scene for a buddy war tale. The story is so cleverly crafted that this inanimate object is as much a main character in its own right as a plot device. While the story dives off into hopes, dreams and, in the heat of battle, another plane of existence, the tale stays surprisingly stays anchored to reality. For example, despite a major subplot involving the steady breakdown of discipline, this is no Apocalypse Now remake.

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The steadfast grounding of the story to real military life keeps this Vietnam-era war story from becoming dated. Tagged as veteran author , Vietnam , war story. Over 50 Possible Endings.

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    I took this expecting a quick read for old-time nostalgia sakes, but got more than I expected. The base story is witty, gritty and sometimes downright funny. This would be entertaining enough as a traditional tale.

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    The gambook effect is mere icing on the cake. I had a blast. The only weakness might be how many decision points the reader has available. With over 50, keeping all the puzzle pieces in place gets confusing. Tagged as mystery , pick an adventure , thriller , veteran author. The small town of Hamptonville seems the last place you would find illicit sex, drugs, blackmail, and murder.

    At Mirror Lake Downing takes the two married couples prisoner and plans to torture and humiliate them before killing them. But he does not know that Sheriff Jeff Parker and his partner Molly Hutchison are on his trail and determined to stop him. From page one all the way to the breathtaking ending, you will find yourself on pins and needles waiting to see what happens next.

    Terror at Mirror Lake is more than just another psychological thriller. The author has a few fun and thought-provoking twists on the terror genre that, if not completely unique, are still rarely seen.


    The real scourge in this tale are the main characters. Their deep-rooted shame, guilt and paranoia keep making things worse at every turn. Still, this is a good read. While it starts dark and tragic, there truly is a happy ending. Tagged as mystery , Psychological thriller , terror , veteran author.

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